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Feeding Matters Year-End Giving

Support children with pediatric feeding disorder this holiday season


Your year-end contribution helps children with PFD.

It's that time of year when we all begin to plan for the holidays. So many of our time-honored traditions involve sharing a meal with friends and family. For over 2.3 million children with pediatric feeding disorder (PFD), every meal, every holiday, and every celebration can be difficult and often painful.

PFD makes it difficult or impossible for a child to eat, drink, or digest food in a typical manner, often compromising their health and development.

Children with PFD often cannot share a traditional meal. Eating out causes stress and worry rather than comfort and joy. Time and time again, the issue is misdiagnosed and misunderstood.

Together, with your year-end contribution, we can continue to further the advances in PFD to create a world in which infants and children with PFD thrive.